Step 1: Automatic file names generated by the HurriCam App

Creating unique file name at the time of snapping a photo is especially important when uploading photos from mobile device to your PC or Mac.

Once the device is connected it will display inside the folder the actual, logical file name. Ready to be dragged and dropped to the Xactimate images window.

Rather then having automatically generated generic photos names that needs to be renamed

Each photo created by the app (and the corresponding file name) would fall into its designated category folder DWELLING or OTHER STRUCTURES and respective subfolder ROOF, RISK OVERVIEW, ELEVATION, INTERIOR

Additional advantage of this filing system is the fact that an order of creating photos doesnt matter as each photo will land in designated folder regardless the sequence of snapping photos.

Following an example below the key stroke combination Roof-->Dwelling-->Pitch-->3/12 will result in generating file name Roof Pitch 3-12.JPG

And It will be stored in the folder PC or Mac.

Step 2: Connect iPhone via USB to PC or Mac

These are step-by-step instructions for transfering files from iPhone to PC using iTunes.

Step 2a: Install iTunes for PC (follow the link

Step 2b: Type in your credentials (iTunes/Apple ID and password)

If connecting to your PC or Mac for the first time choose the option "Trust this computer" from your iPhone menu.

Step 2c: Connect your phone via USB Cable. Select your phone by clicking phone icon.

Step 2d: Choose option File Sharing. Click on application icon. Choose project name from list. Save project on hard drive.

Step 3: Drag and drop into Xactimate

Step 3a

Step 3b

Step 3c

Photos despite being stored in designated folders have an internal priority order:

Step 3d

You need to sort them by Date before Drag and Drop to Xactimate window in order to keep priority order. Please refer to Tutorial Videos section for more information.